Bigg Boss 10 Salman Khan Angry with Swami OM December 10, 2016

Bigg Boss 10 Salman Khan Angry with Swami OM December 10, 2016 Throughout the week, a considerable measure has happened in the Bigg Boss 10 house. The BB taxi stand assignment and the Captaincy undertaking have raised intriguing themes to have a keep running of contentions over. Be that as it may, Swami Oms proud conduct amid both the occasions left everybody dismayed.

Bigg Boss 10 Salman Khan Angry


Bigg Boss 10 Salman Khan Angry

This evening, we see another person being completely vexed about it as well and that is none other than Salman Khan. On Weekend ka Vaar today, Salman chooses to fix Swami Om and attracts a fringe to his shocking behavior throughout the week.

Salman tells Swami Om that he had no privilege to accomplish something so shocking before the housemates or on the TV appear amid the BB Taxi stand undertaking. He ought to have hacked up the required sum and utilize the washroom.

This code of profanity had outperformed his level of persistence and he was truly furious about it. Also, he loses his cool all the more when Swami Om reacts by saying that Gaurav had tested him.

Salman additionally goes ahead to state that Swami Om ought not have talked in the way he addressed Lopa. Swami Om, with all due respect says that he had apologized to Lopa. Salman hits back him saying that a statement of regret is not continually going to spare effortlessness of his stooping conduct with the housemates.

Bani, who was the objective of Swami Oms cruel words yesterday about her mom, amid the Captaincy errand, has been seething frantic at Swami Om. Salman makes it clear to Swami Om that he has no correct what-so-ever to make such despicable remarks about somebody elses mother. How might he not think before expressing such dreadful words for Banis mother?

Salman cautions Swami Om that he should not cross his points of confinement!

It would appear that there will be a considerable measure dhamaaka on Weekend ka Vaar today evening time at 9PM! Tune into catch a look at these firecrackers!

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